What patients are saying

"I was suffering from plantar fasciitis pain in both of my feet and Chiropractic NOW was able to give me relief that lasted for days. Ask about the Theragun - the best tool ever invented for deep muscle treatment."

"Dr. Jared is a great chiropractor! I’ve tried over 6 chiropractors through the years trying to get rid of my headaches. He really views the body as a whole and adjusts in very different ways depending on what your body is presenting. I very much appreciate all the relief he has given me and I would highly recommend over other chiropractors in Verona. I’ve tried several of the other chiropractors here and none of them do muscle work at all. Highly recommend!"

"He is awesome! I feel great and he is thorough!!!

This will be my new chiropractor."

If you need Chiropractic care then you
have 2 CHOICES in your care:

1 - Attempting to temporarily patch your pain
2 - Attempting to fix or take to as near normal as possible the problem most likely causing your pain

Make Your choice in Your care at Chiropractic Now.

Nervous System Basics
If there is ANY pressure in your nervous system your health is being negatively affected. If nerve pressure is due to a compromised spine, then Chiropractic care can make the difference to reduce or even eliminate your nerve pressure. It is this simple: Your body can only be healthy if pressure on your nervous system is eliminated.

What symptoms/complaints is Chiropractic good for?
Many patients have experienced a long list of symptoms having improved during Chiropractic care, a short list includes:

• Headaches • Shoulder pain
• Neck pain • Low back pain
• Numbness in arms and hands • Leg pain
• Mid back pain • Fatigue

HOWEVER- Chiropractic care does not treat your pain…
Chiropractic care gives your body a wonderful opportunity to heal itself!

People are thrilled to learn that they have far more control over their health than they ever imagined. Life choices, from: customized exercise to diet, from stress reduction to customized stretches, from pure water to state of mind- can all be controlled by you!

The only thing you can’t control or take care of on your own is your compromised spine.
This is where Chiropractic Now comes in…

Now is the time to experience what Chiropractic Now has to offer you.


Everyone should experience the benefits that chiropractic care has to offer.
At Chiropractic Now, our mission is to share those benefits through custom, quality chiropractic care.

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