Dr. Jared Radermacher of Chiropractic Now, Verona

Dr. Jared Verona ChiropractorWhat made you want to become a chiropractor?

I’ve seen and experienced the benefits of chiropractic care my whole life. I was adjusted from day one and looking back, I was rarely sick.

I became a chiropractor to teach and provide a health service to the community I live in. So many people could benefit from chiropractic care and they don’t know it. 75% of people haven’t even been to a chiropractor. I want to change that. Natural healing through chiropractic care over more invasive drugs or surgery.


What is the most rewarding thing about being a chiropractor?

Seeing positive change. Whether it is increased focus or being able to play with your kids for the first time in months pain free. My reward as a chiropractor is witnessing successes in pain management and real change in quality of life for patients.


What is the least rewarding thing about being a chiropractor?

Probably having to wear shoes in the office all day, but seriously, being told how to manage a patient’s care plan by insurance companies. Your health should be your choice.


What other interests do you have outside the office?

Providing the highest-quality, cage-free food for my family, also known as hunting. Hiking, camping, kayaking or really anything outdoors in nature.


What is your favorite toy?

Silly putty and spinning tops. Anyone that knows me well, knows I love toys.


What would you like your patients to know?

One chiropractor does not fit all. If you’ve had negative experiences in the past or haven’t seen the results you’ve wanted, that doesn’t mean that chiropractic won’t work for you. Chiropractic Now focuses on the problem behind the pain. We use a combination of custom therapies including adjustments, traction, exercises and stretches to allow your spine to get back to as near normal as possible.