One second you feel GREAT then…instant PAIN!

The Scenario. 

You are going about your day feeling great! You bend over to pick up your sock on the ground…next thing you know you are on the ground with severe low back pain. You are putting on a coat to go outside and then POW! you have severe pain between your shoulders. You fall asleep feeling good and then wake up with a stiff neck and can’t move your head. The list of different possibilities can go on and on. One second you are feeling good the other you are in pain. You are left thinking “How can this happen to me? I was taken down by a sock!”. 

What causes this? 

Often, it’s an underlying problem with your spine. For your spine to function properly it needs to be as close to “Normal” as possible. If it varies from the “Normal” structure this is where things can start to go wrong.  With cellphone and electronic use rising this is causing the spine in your neck to become straight. If you have a straight neck, its abnormal and unhealthy. Your body will begin to try and support itself. Muscles will begin to become tight in some places and loose in others. Some people may be able to live this way without any major issues. Others can have something as simple as looking the wrong way causing them severe pain. 

The same thing goes for your mid and lower back. If the curves in your spine become abnormal, your body will try to support itself. This can cause trigger points in muscles, cramping, headaches, fatigue and the list goes on. These are things people try to live with and don’t do anything about it or they mask the pain with over the counter pain meds. But for some of you, your body cannot take it any longer and you HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR PAIN! 

What can YOU do? 

For the people who mask their pain with medication – they may get temporary pain relief AT BEST. For the people who try and live with their pain – they will experience the problem that causes their pain GETTING WORSE OVER TIME. Neither of these approaches do anything about addressing the probable underlying cause…and that is a compromised spine. 


Call and set up an appointment with Chiropractic NOW to get a full chiropractic assessment and x-rays if needed. You will learn what needs to be done which may include: specific adjustments, custom tractions, exercises, stretches and more for you to finally get to the underlying problem in your spine. Call Chiropractic NOW at 608-845-5565 to book an appointment and see what you can do for your health. 

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